Peachy Keen

I’d like to say I’m done with my resentments, each and every one. I’d like to say they’re sharp enough and not getting any sharper, and that it’s time to finally put them all away forever. I’d like to say.

But you know how it is sometimes. Sometimes it feels good to take out one of those resentments again, just for old times’ sake. To sit and remember and feel and hone that edge awhile. Keen as it is already.

Yes. I must confess. Sometimes it seems to help to whet and work that steel all over again. Just so long as I remember to put it away when I’m good and done.

Sharp things are dangerous, and you have to take care, especially if you’re accident prone. And besides, the path of bitterness leads nowhere good. Nowhere good that I could find.

But there’s a happier path to stroll heading back the other way. A way to feel the sun on your face and the wind in your hair just like if you were free.

Now, doesn’t that sound peachy? It does to me, and I’ll be sure to come on back this way. When I’m finished walking through the thorns.